About Us

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, the United Nations Association Albania (UNAA) was born out of the collective determination of young Albanian men and women who refused to accept the prevailing conditions faced by the youth in their country and the wider region. Guided by the UN principles of integrity, equity, solidarity, and inclusion, we serve as a hub to envision and work towards a transformed Albania — one that transcends the scarcity of opportunities faced by young individuals in education and employment, addresses the limited youth representation in politics and public discussions, and tackles the prevalent lack of trust in the youth’s potential and responsiveness to their needs.

We are dissatisfied with the marginalization of youth and youth policy. Particularly, we reject the notion that the youth are powerless to bring about change. We firmly believe that this narrative undermines the confidence of young Albanian men and women in their ability to make a positive impact on their country and communities and to develop a sense of belonging and trust in democratic institutions.

While fostering connections with decision-making processes and socially-engaged innovators abroad, we firmly believe that the responsibility for shaping Albania’s future lies within its borders. Our model nurtures local talent and places our trust in the capacity and dignity of Albanian citizens.

United Nations Association Albania (UNAA) is composed of several bodies.

Organizational Structure

What do we do?

Our work rests on the strong belief that democracy truly serves its people when they actively participate in it. This participation flourishes in an environment where citizens possess the skills necessary for engaging in active citizenship, contribute to a widespread socio-political culture rooted in human rights, and embrace diversity and innovation. At UNAA, we are dedicated to equipping young men and women with the tools they need to become the architects of their own history.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as our guiding framework to promote youth involvement in fostering peace and prosperity for both people and the planet. We believe in acknowledging the multidimensional, intersectional and interconnected nature of injustice and marginalization. Our programs are designed to reflect this complexity.

Blueprint (previously known as UNYAA) is the youth chapter of UNAA.

Youth Chapter

Members of our team

Deborah Lika
Klajdi Kaziu
Donika Çina
Kristi Çina
Eni Zere